Dark Exposures: The Veiled (2016) review

the veiled 1Director: Glenn Fraser

Writers: Glenn Fraser, Peter McLeod

Stars: Janet Shay, Zoe Carides, Nicholas Papademetriou

Haunting, eerie, yet thoughtful and composed with consummate care, The Veiled follows Cassandra (Janet Shay), an Australian fashion photographer used to shooting models by the breezy, open seaside, as she ventures into the world of women shut away from the daylight. Visiting family overseas is also a chance for Cassandra to search for clues to the disappearance of her sister years ago, leading her to the dark underworld of local sex-trafficking.

Having made a financial success of herself, transforming a mere hobby into paid work, Cassandra now seeks to put her snapshot skills to more urgent purpose, using her camera to turn her lens back onto predatory men, as well as to snatch important images of their victims. Photographs are of great symbolic importance in the film as (among other things) a currency of proof: verbal tales seem to count for little, and the women Cassandra is trying to help cannot speak English.

Although short, the film is populated by authentic and often sinister performances, and shots are composed with high attention to detail and atmosphere, while never cluttered or overdone. Overall, The Veiled is a striking and powerful film about guilt, memory, and responsibility, all structured around a terrible and urgent social problem. Highly recommended.

The Veiled Teaser from Digital Realm on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Dark Exposures: The Veiled (2016) review

  1. Hi Dominic.
    My name is Karl Jenner and I’m am the Producer & Cinematographer for the Veiled.
    Thank you so much for the review its very much appreciated. We are trying to promote the film and the more reviews we get the more we can gain selection for major festivals. This film is a great way of making people aware of this very important issue.

    The trailer for the film that you have posted is the old one! here is a link to the updated trailer..

    all the best


    1. Thanks buddy! I updated the embedded vid in the post. Congrats on such a tremendous film! I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

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