Scientific explanations of how each instant is split

Into infinite variations,

Possibilities, permutations,

Of the instantaneous chaos of action and reaction,

Keep me motionless.

So that I can only cover my one head with my two arms,

And tumble headlong and blockishly

From one moment to the next,

As if down a flight of stairs.


These days I follow astrology,

Wondrous signs and cycles.

Now is the time make travel plans.

This is a good year for work.

Mars is in Libra’s eighth house.

Saturn return will bring change

And realignment.

A language of women with soft voices and folded hands.

I seek contentment in the sigh of tides,

In meanings pinned to stars.


But now and again,

I still think of how a couple of rolled dice

Might have glowed like a constellation.

If I had, at just the right moment,

Taken one of my warm hands,

Squeezed one—or both—of yours,

And said something like (or perhaps exactly)

You know, I do love you…


But we’re off and away now,

Each soul-deep in a million new tangles,

The twistings of which

Cannot possibly

Be retraced.

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